A potential pandemic flu possibly created by an industrial pig slaughtering farm in Mexico.

A world where the state of exception/emergencies are commonplace and citizen rights are but a fictitious romance as they are taken away, as the most natural and powerful act of a Republic is the power of the sovereign to centralize executive power.

A world where any dissent, civil disobedience, sabotage, revolt, insurrection within any manifestation can be judged as an act of pre-terrorism by government authorities.

A situation where to become anonymous and self-sufficient is to be coined a criminal.  Meanwhile states continue to bomb and occupy other countries, proliferate weapons, kill and torture their own journalists.

A natural habitat that is disappearing and in its place a multitude of failed states, favelas, slums,  shanty towns controlled and inevitably manipulated by world institutions (IMF and World Bank) and bastions of poverty, disease, and crime.

The yearning for Empire to push for the uneventuful life and to isolate every individual, turn them into conformist, consumerist, drugged, impotent, reactionary, suicidal tools of private interests.

Allegiance to wealth and authority, blind worship of celebrity and mediated banalities, acceptance of class differences and of further austerity measures to bail out the gangster families that run the world.

A manufactured adoration of a mythological paradise or sanctuary called a “nation” or kingdom of heaven to keep people pacified and focused on the  dream – which is to one day join the ranks of the wealthy elite.

Mindless conspiracy theorists fighting windmills showing a lack of critical thinking, hard scholarship and instead shields cryptic fascist sentiments.

Most accepted “radical” thought and art proliferated in society is allowed because it is recuperated back into the system.   It’s a nice distraction – and distraction is key to running their form of  pseudo-democracy.

Without creating free spaces for interpersonal liberation and sharing to foster moments of  mutual experience we will continue to inhabit the jail cell of the static metropolis (i.e  cubicle,  church, the mosque, the temple, the mall, the car, our own living quarters) frightened of what lurks outside. Out there.

Those who refuse to succumb to the dominant social structure are labeled pirates, thugs, vagabonds, “violent”, as unpredictable humans by a world system that would rather breed careerist yuppies to purchase up the overcapacity then to set up a basic infrastructure of health and education for all its inhabitants.

Humanity has turned politics into a specialization and doesn’t care.

But, are the workers lazy? And will things change since their toys and sweets have vanished?

What if they wake up?

AHFA – Communique #4


~ by figleafthemovie on April 30, 2009.

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